An exhibition has started in Brazil in South America to let people overseas know the charm of designs such as crafts and buildings that have been handed down in various parts of the Japan.

The exhibition was organized by Japan House, a public relations center established by the Japan government in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, in order to widely disseminate the charm of design hidden in Japan lifestyle culture.

All of the exhibits were found in various places by Japan architects and designers who are active on the world's forefronts.

In the corner displaying earthenware excavated from the Goshono ruins of the Jomon period in Iwate Prefecture, it is introduced that elaborate designs existed even in the living space of Japan 1,<> years ago.

In addition, the "propellers" for ships manufactured by a manufacturer in Okayama Prefecture have become beautiful and wasteful designs as a result of craftsmen pursuing the most efficient shapes.

In addition, the traditional costumes that are said to have been used during the festival on Amami Oshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture attracted the attention of visitors with designs unique to Japan.

Natasha Jeanen, Director of Planning at Japan House São Paulo, said, "The idea of Japan people that design is everywhere and beauty is all around us has a lot to learn for us Brazilians."