"A family home as it should be should not be a family home, but a family. A family home has a very big role in being able to give the child the security that they lack. I think you can save lives by being a family home," says Emelie.

Deep wounds after growing up

SVT Nyheter Öst has sent out a survey to all municipalities in Östergötland and to Gotland. The responses show that children are waiting in line for foster homes in a majority of municipalities. And according to the interest association Faco, the central organization of family care, the picture is general throughout the country.

Emelie currently lives in Jönköping County and her upbringing was very difficult and has left deep wounds.

"Burned out as a six-year-old"

"I usually say that I was burned out already as a six-year-old, because I needed to be constantly on my guard. I needed to make sure my siblings would survive from one day to the next. I have no positive memories of my childhood whatsoever, says Emelie.

She and her parents ended up in an investigative home where the parents' ability to care for her and her siblings would be investigated. Emelie lived there for almost a whole year and as an eleven-year-old was placed in a family home.

Hear her talk about her experiences in the clip above.