BEIJING, March 3 (ZHANG) -- In today's society, the rapid development of the Internet has become an important channel for people to obtain information and integrate into the world. However, in such an interactive and open public opinion field, how to maintain the clarity of cyberspace and protect the health of the network ecology is a topic of the times facing the development of the Internet.

Cyberspace is the common spiritual home of hundreds of millions of people, and cyberspace is a miasma and ecological deterioration, which is not in the interests of the people. In recent years, the Cyberspace Administration of China has continued to carry out a series of special actions to rectify prominent problems in the network ecology, and China's network ecology has continued to improve.

However, some prominent problems such as rumors and malicious hype spread by some "self-media" affect the public's judgment and create a lot of unnecessary panic; The bad temper exuded by some anchors in the PK link, such as fierce fighting, tearing each other up and attacking, insulting and spitting dirt, etc., affect social emotions and pollute the network environment; In order to gain attention and earn traffic for their own selfish interests, some people take words out of context and distort the interpretation of the country's major policies and policies, and use extreme cases to rub hot spots for marketing purposes... "Crazy probing" on the edge of the rules, misleading public opinion and destroying the good ecology of cyberspace.

How to further improve the work of pipe network management under the new situation, the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized the need to "promote the formation of a good network ecology".

On the 28th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference, and the relevant person in charge of the Cyberspace Administration of China introduced the relevant situation of the "Qinglang" series of special actions in 2023, which will focus on 9 aspects such as "self-media" chaos, online trolls manipulating information content, short video information content guidance problems, and online bad temper.

Focusing on new situations and new problems and difficult bottlenecks that restrict the effectiveness of governance, carrying out a series of special rectifications to eliminate the false and true, provoke the turbidity and promote the clean, whip the evil and promote the good, and ensure a good network ecology and a clear atmosphere in cyberspace, which is the common expectation of more than 10 billion Chinese netizens, and is also an important goal of managing the network.

The Internet is not a place outside the law, a hotbed of false and negative information, and a place where moral standards are dwarfed. Making cyberspace clearer, "clear" and long-term rule is "what the people want, where the power is". We should take the "Qinglang" series of special actions in 2023 as an opportunity to civilize the Internet and use the Internet, jointly create a "Qinglang" cyberspace, and jointly build a beautiful spiritual home online. (End)