In Ånge, they have begun to review the housing market and have invited entrepreneurs who could enable new projects in the municipality and they are looking at different plots that could be planned in detail.

If you as a private person go into housing tanks, there are several questions that are important to consider if you want to borrow money for your housing. For example, does it matter if the house is located in sparsely populated areas?

Individual trials

For the banks, it is less important whether it is a growing sparsely populated area or in a big city that you want to buy a home.

"There is a very exciting development going on in Ånge and there will probably be a greater demand for housing. For the banks, there will be individual trials to see the conditions that exist at the time for potential borrowers, says private economist Ingela Gabrielsson at Nordea.

High interest rates here to stay

Rising interest rates are a worrying factor, but Ingela Gabrielsson does not believe that the interest rate situation will end up at the figures that were during the 90s, when the mortgage rate was over ten percent.

"We had a different tax system and different deduction rules when it came to mortgage rates and all that comes into play today. We have these high mortgage rates we are seeing now and that is something we may have to get used to in the future," says Ingela Gabrielsson.

In the clip, Ingela Gabrielsson gives her three best financial tips.