Olivier Delacroix SEASON 2022 - 202305h00, March 29, 2023

Antoine comes from a family where beliefs and superstitions die hard. His life turned upside down three days after his birth when his father died suddenly on a construction site. Considered as the child of misfortune by his entourage, he will suffer the worst abuse. Beatings, isolation, violence, exhaustion... He grows up in hatred. At the age of four, he was placed in a home. This new beginning will save him. But even today, after numerous suicide attempts, he struggles to find a balance. How do those who, like Antoine, had a childhood with executioner parents survive? What adults do they become? In this episode of "Dans les Yeux d'Olivier", the podcast adapted by Europe 1 Studio, he entrusts his story to Olivier Delacroix. The quadra recounts his years of suffering and how educators helped him rebuild himself.

Topics covered: difficult childhood in a home - surviving toxic parents - family relationships - trauma - reconstruction - family rejection - suicide attempt - testimony - psychology

"Dans les yeux d'Olivier" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Presenter: Olivier Delacroix
Director: Kevin Housty
Producers: Clémence Olivier and Fannie Rascle
Graphics: Cosa Vostra

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