Vinterviken has been one of the county's highest priority areas to get non-toxic. The pollution comes from industries that have been on the site since the mid-1800s. The work to clean the soil has been going on for just over ten years, and the actual remediation began in 2019.

" The basic principle is that those who pollute and spread toxins should take responsibility for cleaning up, but when it comes to Vinterviken, there is no clear company left that can be made any clear demands," says Åsa Lindhagen (MP), The City of Stockholm's Environment and Climate Mayor.

Sampling several times a year

On Wednesday, a decision will be made to make Vinterviken, together with Herrängen's bathing area, official bathing areas. This means that the city is responsible for the bathing areas and their development and that the water must be sampled several times a year to ensure water quality.

"Now the district of Hägersten-Älvsjö will look at how to make the bathing area more accessible, for example by building a jetty or widening the sandy beach," says Åsa Lindhagen (MP).

Hear more about the amounts of poison in Vinterviken in the clip.