The National Police has arrested three people on Tuesday in Don Benito (Badajoz) for a case of surrogacy that occurred in the hospital itself moments after the birth. One of the detainees is the mother of the newborn, who gave birth this past morning at the Don Benito-Villanueva Hospital, and who has been in police custody in the health center itself. Both the baby and the woman, 28, are in good condition.

In addition, the couple who were allegedly going to keep the newborn, specifically a 43-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man, are also detained at the police station.

The attempt has been frustrated when the staff of the health center has realized that the woman who is now detained in the police station was trying to register the baby in her name when they detected that the filiation data of this did not match her physical appearance, which is why the Police have been alerted. Specifically, the doctors who treated her have raised the alarm when they found that the data that appeared in the mother's filiation did not match her physical appearance, as well as other details that the agents are investigating. At this time, the investigation is still open.

Asked about these facts, the delegate of the Government in Extremadura, Francisco Mendoza, has indicated that the event is being investigated and has confirmed that "it is possible that this crime has been committed", as it is not allowed in Spanish legislation. Thus, he confirmed that it is investigated how a parturient woman could have tried to give up her child in favor of the other couple, although it is being investigated by the National Police. Mendoza has stressed that the detainees will be taken statement and in their case "will be brought to justice if it is considered that there is sufficient evidence for the commission of that crime."

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