• Castellón The fire of Alto Mijares burns in five days as much surface as in six years

The fire of Villanueva de Viver continues to advance and has already devoured 4,300 hectares in a perimeter of 50 kilometers, although it still does not enter populations or the Natural Park of the Sierra de Espadán.

During the night, the absence of seeing and the increase in humidity has helped the extinction tasks, which have focused on the two most dangerous flanks, according to reports from the Advanced Command Post. The first, in the area of Montán, the population that yesterday had the fire about to penetrate and devastate its urban case. The southern part is being monitored with EMU drones to contain its advance.

On the other hand, in the sector of Fuente la Reina maneuvers have also been carried out to defend the flank, which presents areas of difficult access by terrestrial means but that yesterday is stabilized and cooled to avoid regrowths.

The extinction work focuses again on these flanks with the incorporation of 23 aerial means to defend the populations that are still evicted: Fuente de la Reina, Puebla de Arenoso, La Monzona, Montanejos, Montán and Arañuel, Higueras, Pavías and Torralba, in addition to the districts of Los Calpes, Los Cantos, La Monzona, La Alquería de Montanejos and La Artejuela and Villanueva de Viver.

Late last night, the Minister of Interior and Justice, Gabriela Bravo, communicated the descofinamiento of Caudiel after verifying that the smoke had disappeared in the town.

Given the possibility that the evicted neighbors can return to their homes, there is no date. "We know the effort, the pain and the sacrifice they are making, but they have all our support and solidarity," Bravo said. "We are making these decisions to ensure, above all, the safety of all neighbors. With this scenario, we cannot yet foresee the return of people who have been evicted," he added.

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