As specified in the tender documentation, the Council of Europe is currently taking measures to "directly counter the consequences" of the conflict in Ukraine, "assisting" key state institutions - for example, the Prosecutor General's Office.

One of the priority areas of such "assistance" to the department is "strengthening its capabilities" in the implementation of an "effective information and communication strategy".

This includes, among other things, conducting public opinion research on the need to create a Special International Tribunal "for Genocide and War Crimes", training representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office, as well as consultations on the communication activities of the Office of the Prosecutor General, "aimed at an audience located in the European Union and the United Kingdom."

So, for a more effective implementation of the work described above, the CE is looking for consultants.

"In this context, the Council of Europe ... seeks to involve the contractor in providing the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine with consulting services in the field of implementing a communication strategy in wartime," the tender description specifies.

The budget that the Council of Europe is ready to allocate for the work of future contractors should not exceed € 55 thousand.

Last autumn, it was reported about the plans of the Council of Europe to purchase IT equipment for the War Crimes Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine.