It was during the night of March 24 that parts of the roof of the 2,000-square-foot property collapsed. No person was in the building when the roof collapsed. The entire building is stricken and heavily damaged after the incident. The company cannot conduct any business in the premises.

So far, it's unclear why the roof collapsed. Since no one was injured, the police are not conducting an investigation. But the incident has been reported as a serious incident to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. That is, an incident that could pose a serious danger to life or health.

"An independent investigation will find out the reason why the roof collapsed. We don't have that expertise," says Antony Wiklund, CEO of Techsam.

After the investigation has been received by the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the authority must make a decision on whether it needs to conduct its own inspection on site.

If it then turns out that there have been deficiencies at the workplace, the Swedish Work Environment Authority can decide on sanction fees or fines.

In the video you can see what it looks like on the site and hear Antony Wiklund, CEO of Techsam, talk about how they are moving forward.