In the parish school of the American city of Nashville there was a shooting. She was arranged by a transgender, 28-year-old Audrey Hale.

According to the Nashville Police Department, Audrey Hale studied at this school many years ago. She arrived at the school in her Honda Fit. On CCTV cameras, it can be seen that she was armed with two semi-automatic assault rifles and a pistol.

It is noted that at least two of these weapons were acquired legally.

The victims of Hale's actions were six people: three children aged nine, as well as the school principal, her deputy and a security guard.

According to the police, the first signal about the emergency came to them at 10:13 local time, and after 14 minutes the police eliminated the threat. Two law enforcement officers fatally wounded Hale in a shootout on the second floor of the school.

After the incident, police searched Hale's home. Detailed plans of the educational institution, two weapons and other evidence were found there. From this it was concluded that the crime was planned in advance.

According to the head of the Nashville Police Department, at the moment the motives that pushed Hale to the crime are unknown.

Along with this, it became known that Audrey Hale identified herself as a man. In her social media accounts, Hale used the pronouns "he/he" in reference to herself. At the time of the attack, Hale was wearing camouflage pants, a black vest and a red baseball cap.

The incident was almost immediately commented on in the White House. At the same time, Joe Biden, commenting on the incident, first made a joke about ice cream.

"My name is Joe Biden, I'm Dr. Jill Biden's husband, and I love chocolate chip ice cream. I went downstairs because they promised ice cream. By the way, I have a full ice cream fridge upstairs. Do you think I'm kidding? I'm not kidding," the American leader said.

After that, the head of the White House still called on lawmakers to approve his ban on the sale of assault weapons in the country.

Meanwhile, a member of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Marjorie Taylor Green, blamed Biden for what happened, recalling that it was the law on free-weapons schools in the United States developed by the former senator that made children defenseless against armed violence. According to her, children and school workers should be armed.

"Joe Biden and Democrats should drop the Protection of the Secret Service and put themselves on the same level as defenseless, innocent, precious children in school," she said.

"There are a lot of angry people in the United States"

The problem of violence with the use of weapons for America is traditional, said political scientist-Americanist Malek Dudakov. At the same time, he added that in recent years, the crime rate in the States has increased, including due to events related to the protests of the BLM movement.

"Probably, this incident of violence is connected with the confrontation around the issue of transgender people. Moreover, many states, including the state of Tennessee, where mass shooting occurred, began to impose restrictions, for example, on sex reassignment surgery programs for minors. I admit that such incidents will continue to occur, given that a very strong trans-poster lobby has formed in America and a lot of angry people who are ready to take up arms and try to fight in this way what they consider to be an infringement of their rights by individual states, "the RT interlocutor explained.

As yuri Rogulev, director of the Franklin Roosevelt Foundation for the Study of the United States at Moscow State University, noted in a conversation with RT, quite serious processes of destabilization are taking place in the United States, including the deterioration of the population, the destabilization of society, and political disagreements.