Virginie Girod SEASON 2022 - 202305h00, March 28, 2023

Listen to the rest of the story dedicated to Grigori Rasputin, told in a new episode in two parts by Virginie Girod. Adventurer, healer, itinerant pilgrim, incarnation of the Devil? Rasputin is probably all of these at once. After a very pious childhood, Rasputin moved closer to St. Petersburg. Now recognized, he performed in the capital of Russia or at the Imperial Palace, the main residence of the Tsar. The young Siberian has become a staret: a healer capable of seeing the future. Rasputin indulges in exorcism and prayer sessions. Quickly, he is admitted into contact with the imperial couple: he becomes the man, the confidant who speaks in the ear of the tsars. It is in 1912, that all his legend will be written. Tsarevich Alexis, heir to the throne, is a hemophiliac. If he dies, the whole autocracy is threatened. In October 1912, during a hunting trip of his parents in Poland, he injured his leg, and the hematoma grew. The doctors said they were powerless, and the last rites were administered to the Tsarevich. Forewarned, Rasputin comes to Alexis' rescue: he throws away the remedies prescribed by the doctors, he begins to pray for him and the miracle happens... "Au cœur de l'Histoire" is a Europe 1 Studio production.

Topics covered: Russia – Tsar – Healer – Mystery – Siberia - Romanov - Bolshevik Revolution – Aristocracy – Empire

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"At the heart of history" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast.

Writing and presentation: Virginie Girod

- Production: Europe 1 Studio

- Artistic direction: Adèle Humbert and Julien Tharaud

- Director: Clément Ibrahim

- Original music: Julien Tharaud

- Additional music: Julien Tharaud and Sébastien Guidis

- Communication: Kelly Decroix

- Distribution and writing: Romain Vintillas

- Visual: Sidonie Mangin

Rasputin's closeness to the imperial family was viewed negatively by the aristocrats. These elites make Rasputin a debauchee, a man member of several dark sects where orgies are practiced. The aristocrats look to Rasputin for a scapegoat. At that time, it was impossible to openly criticize the Russian ruler in a regime of divine right. A strategy that paid off for the aristocrats since Rasputin gradually attracted the wrath of the tsar and the malicious lusts of some. "Au cœur de l'Histoire" is a Europe 1 Studio production.