"Biden is fine, but there is no power. He's exhausted. He's about eighty. There are many problems in the country that he does not deal with. And presidents always see war as a big plus. Participating in a war brings you a lot of [political] points. It always does. Bill Clinton understood this in the worst days of his presidency," the journalist said.

He recalled that Clinton had big problems before he "ordered strikes on Iraq."

"The next day, Sunday, Clinton went to church. The bombing took place on Saturday. Clinton goes to church and becomes a hero. The press is delighted with him, catches his every word. This is an effective method. That's why Biden is so clinging to Ukraine. He will have to support it to the end," Hersh added.

As previously stated in the Kremlin, Washington does not want the end of the Ukrainian conflict and is doing everything to ensure that it continues.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken noted that the United States is now determined to continue supplying weapons to the Ukrainian army, and not to diplomatic contacts with Russia in order to resolve the conflict.