The business concept is to, with electrically powered rentable excursion boats, be able to offer an opportunity for boating for everyone.

"We started with just two hands really and the big jump came in 2022 when we got a 30 million valuation of the company," says Jonas Ulveseth, CEO and co-founder of the company.

Hope to have 50 electric boats out with customers this summer

That valuation came in connection with the fact that they were part of SVT's Dragon's Den where the founders got four of the dragons to invest in the company.

Among the potential customers are, for example, hotels, campsites, associations and resorts. This summer, they hope to have 50 boats out among their customers.

In the clip, you hear the founders Joakim Spetsmark and Jonas Ulveseth talk about how the company has grown, the future plans for the company and the dream of a world launch.