The health condition of the Egyptian singer Mohamed Fouad appeared in the pranks program "Ramez Never End" – presented by Ramez Galal – sparked a wide controversy, and renewed the attack on the program, which faces widespread criticism every season.

Fouad suffered an injury to his abdomen, put his hand on the wound to shed blood and enter into a fit of screaming from severe pain, and revealed during the episode that he had recently undergone gastric sleeve surgery.

Dr. Osama Yassin Taha – the doctor treating Mohamed Fouad – interacted with the case, and described what happened as a crime, and said – through his Facebook page – that the filming took place only 15 days after the operation conducted by Fouad, and that this type of operation needs to be careful in dealing with tissues during the operation and after it for a while, and blamed Ramez Jalal for continuing to prank despite making sure of the health status of Fouad in the first minutes of the episode, and said that he holds the program responsible for what can That Mohamed Fouad is exposed to it.

A #محمد_فؤاد doctor is attacking #رامز_جلال after what happened in the episode and the man is still doing the operation

— ‏𝕄𝔸𝕐 (@MaySaed_) March 28, 2023

Oh God, do not punish us for what the foolish among us did

— Fahad FHD (@fahad2269) March 27, 2023

However, the doctor was forced to delete the post after the controversy that arose between a sympathizer of Mohamed Fouad and others who blamed him for agreeing to participate in the episode despite his health condition, and for accepting the insult he suffered during filming.

The doctor later stated to one of the programs that Fouad is fine, but he was threatened with internal bleeding that may take his life because of what happened during the episode, and pointed out that Fouad called him immediately after filming, and told him that he was exposed to some tremors that led to a small wound, but he did not imagine what happened until after he watched the meeting, and discovered that what happened to him is extremely dangerous, as part of the stitches were exposed to open and blood flowed from it, and the doctor concluded his speech Mohamed Fouad said that he was fine and criticized the happiness of some by torturing others in this way.

Egyptian presenter Ayat Abaza commented announcing her sadness for what happened to the artist Mohamed Fouad. The Egyptian singer Shahira wrote that she feared for Fouad after watching the episode. While Rofi Al-Mansouri wrote on his Twitter page expressing his sympathy for what happened with Fouad.

No, frankly, Mohamed Fouad is hard for me 🥹
, I mean the man had an operation and the wire was loosened and his wound brought blood and in the end they didn't do anything! OK this is forbidden 🥹

— Rofy Elmansoury (@ElmansouryRofy) March 26, 2023

Hospital Rumors

After the episode aired, pictures of the artist Mohammed Fouad in the hospital spread, where he was reportedly detained in a Saudi hospital after being injured in the program.

But a source close to Mohamed Fouad later denied that he was admitted to the hospital, and said – in press statements – that the published photos are old and date back to his time in a hospital in Egypt to which he was transferred following a health ailment.

Fouad is not the first

The artist Busi said in one of the talk shows that she boycotted Ramez Jalal permanently after they gathered friendship, where she filmed with him an episode in the program "Ramez and eat the atmosphere", and suffered nosebleeds, where she was suffering from low blood pressure in addition to influenza, she was not breathing properly, which exposed her to fainting during filming.

And forced those in charge of the program "Ramez and eat the atmosphere" to call an ambulance for the artist Hisham Abbas, who entered into a state of terror and panic after the prank that he suffered and illusion that the plane is about to fall. After learning that it was a prank, he could not stand on his feet.