A minor, 17 years old, has jumped into the street from the balcony of a second floor on Tuesday in the Malaga municipality of Torremolinos while apparently fleeing from her former partner, a 21-year-old man, who was allegedly assaulting her, sources close to the investigation have confirmed to EL MUNDO.

The objective of a jump that could have been fatal was none other than to save the life and avoid the anger of the young man with whom he would have maintained a sentimental relationship and who supposedly chased her axe in hand, in what everything points could be a new episode of gender violence.

The events took place in a residential neighborhood in the north of this tourist municipality on the Costa del Sol around 15 pm. When the Emergency Services 112 Andalusia received the notice that a young woman had rushed from the second floor of a building on Vicente Blanch Picot Street, they requested the presence of health services and alerted both the Local Police of Torremolinos and the National Police.

The life of the victim, who has wounds and bruises, is not in danger although for the moment she remains under observation at the Clinical Hospital of Malaga. "He has been very lucky," they say from the surroundings of the hospital center since during the fall an awning could have cushioned the blow and prevented further damage.

After throwing the young woman into the street, her alleged aggressor tried to flee on foot from the scene of the events in the direction of the A-7 motorway and hide in a nearby wooded area, but the police officers managed to stop him.

The ex-partner of the minor would have self-harmed, inflicting a wound in the neck with a knife, so she also required medical assistance. The health workers transferred the alleged aggressor to a health center, who is detained and in police custody.

The alleged perpetrator had a restraining order against the victim, which apparently did not prevent him from approaching the young woman and allegedly assaulting her.

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