It was on February 25 this year that the incident occurred at the couple's residence in Stockholm. In interrogation, the woman has told how the man became aggressive after a night out and then repeatedly punched her in the face with an open hand and pounded her head into the floor several times.

The artist himself has denied wrongdoing and said in interrogation that the girlfriend was very angry when he got home and that he tried to avoid her.

Walking the prosecutor's line

Prosecutor Carolina Frohm led the investigation and she brought charges of assault. She called for probation and community service and part of the evidence involved documentation of the woman's injuries such as a bump in the head, bruise under her eye and laceration to her lip.

Now the Stockholm District Court has had its say and they are following the prosecutor's line.

The man is sentenced to probation and 100 hours of community service. He will also pay SEK 26,800 in damages to the woman and another SEK 1,000 in fees to the Victim Compensation Fund.