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With the rise in energy prices, are you looking for all possible solutions to reduce your bill? We have the perfect solution for you! Discover Voltalis connected boxes, which will allow you to easily control your electric radiators.


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The Voltalis box is a completely free and subscription-free system, which allows you to save on your energy bill. It is installed in a maximum of two hours, without major work, and consists of a command module and a communication module. The first is installed next to the radiators, measuring power consumption and transmitting instructions, while the second is placed next to the electrical panel and connects with the platform. To find out if you are eligible, quickly fill out the questionnaire available on the Voltalis website, describing your heating system. You will be called back quickly by an advisor. If the Voltalis box has already attracted more than 150,000 users, it's not for nothing! It saves up to 15% energy, in addition to offering many other benefits.

The economic and ecological advantages of Voltalis enclosures

Get your fill of benefits with your Voltalis case! There are four main advantages: it is an economic, ecological, solidarity-based and free system. Economical because you can reduce your monthly energy bill by 15% by programming the radiators, and free because all material, service, maintenance and installation costs are covered by Voltalis. In addition, the enclosures are compatible with all types of radiators (radiants, radiants, electric convectors, inertia, etc.). So you don't need to change them, which is a nice saving. In addition, the Voltalis box allows you to participate jointly in the safety and stability of the electrical system. In the event of an imbalance on the electricity network, Voltalis can reduce the consumption of many devices very briefly, without affecting the comfort of the inhabitants. In this way, you help to limit the use of thermal power plants. In addition, you reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 70%.

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