Region Västerbotten has experienced sharply increased costs in 2022 and early 2023. It is mainly pension costs that have increased since all regions and municipalities last year changed their pension system.

"Part of this change is that it is inflation-driven and given the increased inflation, it gives increased costs. Over the next two years, we will have very large cost increases," says Tommy Svensson, Regional Director at Region Västerbotten.

The regional council has tasked the three largest councils with reducing their personnel costs. A total of SEK 100 million will be saved on administrative staff.

– It is up to each board to decide which measures to implement, but it must not negatively affect direct care or accessibility, says Regional Director Tommy Svensson.

Employment freeze in April

The transition will be managed through so-called natural staff mobility, i.e. reviewing the filling of vacancies, fixed-term employment, consulting costs and with retirements.

There will also be a hiring freeze for administrative positions from the end of April. But within the category of administrative staff there are also services such as cleaners, transporters and sterile technicians.

Hear how these positions are affected and who will perform the duties of the positions that are not filled, in the clip.