The shooting, which is being investigated as attempted murder and aiding and abetting attempted murder, took place in the residential area of Bosvedjan on the evening of December 2 last year. Three people were shot at, one of whom was hit and taken to hospital.

At present, a total of nine people are suspects, of varying degrees, as Karin Everitt puts it - but no one is currently in custody in the case.

The preliminary investigation is still surrounded by strict confidentiality and all parties involved in the case have a ban on disclosure.

One of the suspects is a person who is under the age of 15.

A parallel investigation

Karin Everitt does not want to state the person's age. Nor whether it is about a girl or boy, or more precisely what criminal suspicions apply to that particular person.

For the first time, Karin Everitt also confirms that there are common denominators between the shooting in Bosvedjan and the large police operation at several addresses in Sundsvall at the end of January.

"There are certain points of contact, but I don't want to go into more detail about what they consist of," says Karin Everitt.

Are there people who appear in both cases?

- Yes, that's the way it is.