Jacques Serais, edited by Loane Nader 14:59 pm, March 27, 2023

Emmanuel Macron receives his Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne this Monday as well as the majority, in order to ensure a government presence in the face of the particularly thorny issues of recent times. In question, the pension reform, but also the tense demonstrations against the project of mega-basins in Sainte-Soline.

Elisabeth Borne is received this Monday by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron in a particularly tense context for the government. Since the use of 49.3, demonstrations against the pension reform have been characterized by a lot of violence. Added to this, those against the project to build the mega-basins of Sainte-Soline, which saw many injured both on the side of activists and police.

On the eve of a new day of mobilizations against the pension reform, the executive wants to show that stagnation is not an option. It is therefore a way for Emmanuel Macron to stage himself, to show that he still has the hand and to do this, the courtyard of the Elysee is open to the press, while this was absolutely not the case during meetings of the same type last week.

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Appeasing protests

From now on, the head of state knows that he crystallizes anger, and especially that Elisabeth Borne is no longer able to protect him. He thus returned to the front line, at the beginning of the week, failing to welcome Charles III. The objective of these exchanges is therefore obviously for the Prime Minister to find a way out of the political crisis. The latter has set itself the task of transmitting the roadmap of the consultations it intends to conduct. All parliamentary groups will then be received in the course of next week, as well as representatives of political parties, including opposition.

The Prime Minister has already explained that she no longer wants to use 49.3 outside the financial texts. It is in particular The Republicans and Eric Ciotti who are targeted, according to the details of a close to the president. One thing is certain, the stakes are high because Elisabeth Borne plays her position.

Indeed, Elisabeth Borne seeks at all costs to expand the presidential majority, on the orders of Emmanuel Macron, to try to appease the protest and try to sketch a beginning of solution. As for the latter, he consults and probes each other on the new method he wishes to put in place. The latter intends to submit fewer laws to the parliamentary vote and propose more decrees approved directly to the castle.