Close to 3,000 people in Helsingborg have security alarms. Most are older and frail. If something happens in the home, they can press the button and get help.

But just before two o'clock on the night of Thursday, a targeted cyberattack knocked out the possibility of using the alarms. And only close to 18 hours later, at 19:30 p.m., did it come back.

"In the morning, our employees called everyone with security alarms to tell them what had happened, and if someone didn't answer, we called a relative or went there," says Eric Semb, operations manager in the city's health and social care administration.

Fell over in the home

But during the hours of the night, at least one helsingborger was affected by the attack. An elderly person fell over in his home. He was not badly injured but could not get up on his own and received no help – the person pressed in vain on the security alarm that did not work. Only after five hours did the home care staff arrive.

- We've made a lex Sarah report about it. And I suspect there may be more incidents that occurred in those hours," Eric Semb said.

He takes the cyberattack very seriously.

"It's about fragile people who have security alarms and robust routines are needed when things like this happen. Our Crisis and Security Unit is reviewing them now.

Can never sew himself completely

It is the company Careium that is responsible for the social alarms, both in Helsingborg and another 150 municipalities around the country.

"We have secure systems and good routines, but you can never fully protect yourself against this type of intrusion," says Maria Khorsand, President and CEO.

Now the company is trying to track down who is behind the attack.