It is reported by The Thaiger.

The warning system was created to combat the attempts of tourists to justify their misconduct by saying that they "did not know the rules."

So, if a tourist violates the rules of stay for the first time, he is given a yellow card, and the misdemeanor is reported to the consulate of his country.

If a foreigner repeats the offense, he receives a red card and his visa is revoked, after which the tourist is deported.

"In the first half of March, two Frenchmen, a citizen of Ukraine and a citizen of Sweden, received yellow cards. Red cards were handed over to a citizen of Sweden and France, who were then deported, "the publication specifies.

On March 13, the governor of the Indonesian island of Bali, Wayan Koster, earlier appealed to the authorities of the country with a request to stop issuing visas to Russians and Ukrainians on arrival.

He made this decision after receiving reports of "bad behavior and possible criminal activity" from Russian and Ukrainian tourists.

Later, the Russian Embassy in Jakarta reported that the Indonesian authorities are not currently taking steps aimed at abolishing the procedure for issuing visas to Russian citizens on arrival.