"They know that the president (of the United States. — RT). The question can be posed in another way, but none of the reporters at the press conference asked it. We blew up the pipeline and Biden is fine," he said.

According to Hersh, all that is required of the journalists of the White House pool is one day to ask US President Joe Biden or his press secretary about whether the president ever set out to comprehensively study who caused the explosion on the pipelines.

The journalist believes that the United States has "incredible intelligence capabilities," including electronic intelligence and sources, so they "could get an answer on this story within a few days."

"But of course, no one asked the question. And the White House won't do it because it knows who did it. Why request such a job? Why fix everything [somewhere]?" said Hersh.

Seymour Hersh previously published an investigation into US involvement in the undermining of Nord Streams.

Hersh's investigation claims that Nord Streams were mined by divers from the United States: they operated under the cover of the BALTOPS 22 exercises, which took place in the Baltic Sea from June 5 to June 17, 2022.

In addition, the material says that Jake Sullivan was involved in drawing up a plan for a terrorist attack: President Joe Biden authorized him to "assemble an interdepartmental group to develop a plan" to destroy the pipes.