The president of the Community and the PP of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, reiterated on Monday that she wants to carry out a "profound reform" of the regional Trans Law and has pointed out that "gender self-determianción does not make any sense".

This has been pronounced in an interview in Telecinco, collected by Europa Press, after knowing the case of an applicant who during the entrance exams to the Local Police of Torrelodones presented a notarial act indicating that she was a transsexual woman and, therefore, should perform the physical tests according to the female physical scales.

Ayuso has defended that, in 2016, when the regional regulations were born, it was sought to "give visibility" to trans people and "above all seek respect and visibility" because there were "enough damages and ruthless treatment, perhaps due to ignorance". In his opinion, the problem was "that this law was taken to the extreme in the Assembly of Madrid with Citizens and with the rest of the parties on the left."

So far, as he has assured, he has not modified it because he has not had a parliamentary majority to do so and in this last legislature they have preferred to wait "to see how they managed the national law." In any case, he has defended that in Madrid they have not applied their law "aggressively" or have carried out "surgeries".

"I think that law needs a profound reform, renewal or reform, because of course it is not going to stay that way," he said. To do this, he needs a "large majority" that allows him to "modify things with meaning" by sitting down with "all those affected, families who have transsexual children, transsexuals themselves, with associations and with doctors."

He is committed to doing it this way and not with "ideology" and wants to succeed "in a decision that has to be based on putting an end to gender self-determination" because although "everything that goes through civil registries and DNI is of state competence" it includes "the law of Madrid".

Asked expressly about the case of the aspiring policeman, Ayuso has pointed out that these cases are also being seen in "sports competitions" and "in other orders". "I think that gender self-determination does not make any sense, that you cannot put ideology ahead of the civil code, or ahead of the Constitution, or the decisions of pediatricians, or psychologists," he said.

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