Several cultural centres in Gothenburg have recently sounded the alarm about sharp rent increases that affect their operations.

In February, Röda stens konsthall announced that after the rent increase, they cannot be open to the same extent as before, as P4 Göteborg reported. In the past, there have also been arguments about the rent level for Folkteatern, which rents premises from Folkets hus.

Raised in two stages

Now the rent is also planned to be increased for the tenants of Viktoriahuset, where, among other things, Hagabion is located. In the building there are several cultural associations and the increase means that 18 of the 24 associations will not be able to remain.

"For us, it's a disaster," says Jeanette Rigné, a member of the Women for Peace and Freedom association.

The rent increase will take place in two stages. This summer, the rent, which today for the associations is SEK 95,000 a month, will be increased by 16 percent. In the summer of 2023, the rent will be increased another 16 percent. This means that the rent will end up at just over SEK 125,000 in the summer of 2024.

Rent increase defended

It is the municipal real estate company Higab that owns and rents out Viktoriahuset. They believe the rent increase is at a reasonable level.

"If rents were to be at market level, they would be twice as high," says Ted Lärnhem, acting head of real estate company Higab.