"That announced appearance of a huge mass of NATO military equipment from abroad - it has not yet taken place ... And the offensive, it is most likely really postponed by Ukrainian forces, primarily due to the fact that they are still under-equipped, "Gagin said on the TV channel "Russia 24".

Among the hottest areas of fighting, he named Artemovsk (Bakhmut), Avdiivka and Ugledar.

Earlier, lieutenant colonel of the LPR People's Militia in retirement Andrei Marochko said that the transfer of elite units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Artemovsk indicates a difficult situation for Kiev.

He noted that the Ukrainian military lost up to 4.5 thousand personnel in a week killed and wounded in the battles in the area of Artemovsk in the DPR.

As reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine also use German PARM anti-tank mines in the area of Artemovsk.