China News Network, March 3 Comprehensive foreign media reported that recently, a factory in Bristol, Pennsylvania, USA, leaked an accident, and a large number of chemicals flowed into a tributary of the Delaware River. After the accident, Philadelphia officials advised local people to use bottled water, triggering panic purchases.

Image source: Screenshot of CNN report

According to reports, the leak occurred on the evening of the 24th and was allegedly related to a pipe burst at the Trinseo PLC plant in Bristol. More than 8000,<> gallons of chemicals used in latex products flowed into a tributary of the Delaware River.

According to a statement issued by the Trinseo PLC plant, the leak "appears to have been caused by a malfunction of equipment." The company estimates that about 8100,<> gallons of the solution were leaked. The statement also introduced that "latex emulsion is a white liquid used in various consumer products. Its pigmentation makes water-soluble substances visible in surface water. ”

In response, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said water sampling is underway and no contaminants have been detected at drinking water ingestion. Fish and wildlife were not affected.

However, the "Capitol Hill" said that local residents were advised to start using bottled water from 26 pm local time on the 2th until further notice.

Mike Carroll, Philadelphia's transport, infrastructure and sustainability official, said the health risks are "very low, if they exist," and that the recommendation was issued "out of great caution."

Mike Carroll added, "Since we can't be 100% sure that there will be traces of chemicals in tap water throughout the afternoon, we want the public to know about this so that we can consider switching to bottled water to further reduce any risks." Therefore, we inform the public in our service area that tap water may not be consumed or used for cooking. ”

Image source: American media screenshot

The news quickly sparked panic buying on the ground. Images on social media show shelves swept away and people walking down the streets carrying boxes of bottled water.

A store in South Philadelphia said bottled water was nearly sold out by 2 p.m. local time after the government issued a mobile phone push warning.

To this end, late on the 26th, Philadelphia officials issued a new recommendation again, saying that residents are encouraged to store tap water instead of buying bottled water in stores.