Already at 22.45 on Sunday evening, a group of students gathered to start queuing to Snerikes nation for tickets to the May Day celebrations. Despite the fact that the ticket release takes place only at 16 pm on Monday.

"We hope that the tickets will be released a little earlier," says Emil Sewerin, who is one of those who have queued the longest.

Sleeping bags, hot drinks and not least umbrellas are some of the ingredients to cope with the long wait, such as dancing and quizzes.

Long wait

A queue has also formed at Stockholm Nation, for the ticket release, which takes place at 12 noon on Tuesday.

"We've packed food and blankets to get through the night," says Ella Asplund, who has a 26-hour wait ahead of her.

In the clip, you hear the students talk about the tricks to cope with the cold and waiting.