As Bederov emphasized, each battery has its own lifespan, which is determined by the number of full charging-discharging cycles of the device.

"To extend battery life, you need to reduce the number of charges. This can be done by reducing the time of use of the gadget and disabling resource-intensive applications running in the background, for example, disabling social networking applications and the GPS sensor, "he advised.

The use of an unofficial charger and a cable to it can also adversely affect the useful capacity of the battery, warned the interlocutor of RT.

"Amplification or power surges in the network are transmitted to the device and can disable it or damage the battery. Therefore, it is recommended to charge your gadgets only with branded chargers and through sockets with a stable voltage, "the expert added.

Earlier, the leading analyst of the Agency Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin told what to do with old gadgets.