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The alarm went off on March 10: a municipal health inspection detected high levels of legionella in the water – up to 8,000 units, eight times higher than normal – of the Francisco Vitoria nursing home, in Alcalá de Henares. After the management of the center tried to prevent the investigation of the technicians of the Department of Health of the town, before the complaints and repeated denunciations by the relatives and users, the "very serious" risk that its residents endure was evident.

For this reason, Juan Lobato, the candidate of the PSOE to the Community, yesterday gave an ultimatum to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in a visit with the mayor of the municipality, the also socialist Javier Rodríguez. "If in 72 hours the government of Mrs. Ayuso does not take action, we will denounce this situation before the Prosecutor's Office of Madrid," he warned, since the Francisco Vitoria is publicly owned and depends on the CAM. And he reproached: "How is it possible that 15 days later, the Government of the Community of Madrid has not been able to act and make the pertinent controls to guarantee that the state of the water of a residence where almost 500 elderly people live is free of any danger?"

During the inspection, they found in the water of the showers the presence of colonies of this bacterium, of the pneumophilic type, so it can cause pneumonia infections. In fact, the mayor of the municipality already denounced in a meeting in January with the manager of the AMAS the "food contract of 4.6 euros to give five meals a day", and that users "do not let them drink from the tap of the rooms". Since then, the complaints to the Community have not ceased, without success.

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