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Many say that 40 is the new 30, but we disagree. The 40 is simply the 40, a stage of life in which we have reached the supposed maturity. What others think of us already matters less to us and, ultimately, we have managed to build the best version of ourselves. The 40s can surely be the beginning of the rest of our lives.

The protagonist of this story has entered the 40s. But we won't reveal your identity right away. Instead, we'll give you some clues to see if you can guess who it is. He is a bald and muscular man who is impeccably dressed in white. He is obsessive about cleanliness and, over time, has changed his name. Ah! With the passage of time, this character has changed his name... Did you guess it? It's Don Limpio!

Don Limpio: a story of passion for cleanliness

40 years already. It seems incredible. Since Don Limpio (although when it arrived in Spanish homes it was called Mr. Proper, do you remember?), throughout these four decades, it has accompanied the homes of our country being the best cleaning tool for the house, an innovative product that has been over the years innovating and adapting to the needs of consumers.

But let's do a little history. What is known about the birth of this peculiar character? No one knows for sure. However, there is a legend that says that a small Clean Don suddenly appeared on the porch of a farm. That's where our character grew: his parents instilled in him the importance of being generous and always willing to help others.

Her love and dedication to cleaning came to her in adolescence. Don Limpio did not hesitate to take care of household chores to relieve workload for his beloved parents. Due to the daily effort, he gained those characteristic muscles that he has. A job he did with desire, but always had the same doubt: Wasn't there a better and simpler way to clean?

So he decided to travel the world to learn as much as possible about cleanliness and hygiene. Years and years of research allowed him to return home with a mind full of knowledge that he captured in a book. And he did learn... Since that day Don Limpio gives us all a hand to turn our house into what we call 'home'.

More Clean Gift than ever

Don Limpio, after more than 40 years of service, begins a new stage of his life in which he will continue to give the best of himself. And in this new path he is accompanied by another Spanish icon who also enters the 40s, David Bustamante. The singer is the new brand ambassador in the 'More Don Limpio than ever' campaign. Both face this new stage with renewed energy.

For this new stage, Don Limpio offers a superior and irresistible cleaning thanks to an improvement in its formula that removes up to 100% of dirt. Now, Don Limpio Multipurpose offers up to 100% more brightness* and, in the case of Don Limpio Baño, 2X more anti-limescale power**. Our muscle man remains committed to his mission to bring innovative cleaning solutions to homes, do the hard work and, ultimately, simplify people's lives. Because that's their main goal.

*Don Limpio multipurpose liquid

**vs previous Don Limpio Bathroom

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