ECOWAS on mission to assess humanitarian needs in Burkina Faso

Burkinabè take away their belongings when they flee their village in January 2020. AFP - OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT

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Since 21 March, a mission to assess and validate humanitarian needs of the ECOWAS Commission has been visiting the country. With an estimated 1,900,000 internally displaced people, schools and health centres closed as a result of jihadist violence, countries need support to help its people. The mission will submit its report on this assessment and validation of humanitarian needs for action to assist the country.


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The mission has been on the ground and has seen what is happening there. The situation is complex and dynamic," explains Dr. Ugbé Sintiki, Director of Humanitarian and Social Affairs at the ECOWAS Commission.

Attacks by armed groups have caused massive population displacement. The numbers are rising. On 31 January, Burkina Faso registered more than one million 900,000 internally displaced people, according to the permanent secretariat of the National Relief and Rehabilitation Council.

According to Dr. Sinitiki, the humanitarian crisis is worsening. "There are needs for food, drinking water, healthcare, toilets, shelters etc.


Nevertheless, she assures that the Government of Burkina Faso and its partners are making great efforts for women, children, vulnerable internally displaced populations, and all the communities that host them.

After this visit, a report followed by recommendations will be submitted to the ECOWAS Commission and the Burkinabe government. The Director of Humanitarian and Social Affairs announced that ECOWAS "will continue to seek more resources, with other partners, to address the humanitarian situation in the country".

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