According to the expert, early booking is a traditional worldwide "tool for reducing the cost of a tourist product for the buyer."

"If during the peak season you want to purchase a tour two weeks before departure, then, of course, you will overpay at least twice," Osaulenko explained.

He stressed that for late sales, if the number of seats is limited, the reservation does not guarantee a visit.

"Therefore, of course, early booking is also a guarantee of travel," the expert said.

The specialist also reminded that with early booking there is a spectrum of choice - the ability to choose a certain room on the right floor with different views.

According to him, it is necessary to focus on the fact that in the second half of April the price of a trip in the summer season will be higher than now, in March.

When buying a tour in advance, it is worth buying insurance, the expert advised.

To return funds in case of refusal to travel, on the advice of an expert, it is necessary to study the terms of the contract and focus on the circumstances under which you refuse the tour, the interlocutor of RT recommended.

"The legislation in our country is quite liberal in relation to the consumer, but does not mean some permissiveness. The money is returned minus the costs incurred, if the operator is able to prove these costs. Everything that he is not able to prove, of course, returns to the tourist, "he concluded.

Earlier, the Federal Air Transport Agency said that Russian flights in the summer season will be scheduled to be served at Turkish airports.