The Children and Family Agency, which will be established in April, will start a project to listen to the opinions of about 4,1 children and young people and reflect them in policies, and is inviting people from elementary school students to those in their 20s who want to express their opinions to register on their website.

This project was launched in response to the inauguration of the Children and Family Agency in April, which requires the opinions of the parties concerned to be reflected in policy and other factors, and will listen to the opinions of approximately 4,1 children and young people.

Any child or young person from the first grade of elementary school to their twenties can register, and not only the Children's and Family Agency, but also various ministries and agencies solicit opinions on policies related to children, and children and young people themselves can propose themes that they would like to hear their opinions on.

In addition to face-to-face interviews, we also use online and SNS to listen to opinions, and if it is difficult to convey opinions, it is assumed that staff from the Children and Family Agency will go directly to the activities and places of life of children and young people.

In addition, after listening to opinions, we explain how they were reflected in policy and the reasons why they were not reflected.

Registration for this project begins on the website of the Children and Family Agency, which means that you can register at any time.