On Monday, the IPPC published the major climate report, which is an amalgamation of several years of research. The report is based on nine years of research on the climate, from all over the world.

Reindeer herder Kenneth Pittja, Unna Cherusj, has for many years had to feed his reindeer due to climate change in the area. The reindeer have simply not been able to access food naturally.

"For many, many years we have seen this, what is now being reported on. It's good that it's coming out," says Kenneth Pittja.

Last warning – if we are to reach climate goals

It was 10 years since such a climate report was presented by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Scientists fear that's the final warning, if the average temperature isn't supposed to rise higher than to 1.5 degrees.

"It always has rained in the winter, but not the way it is now. Now it's summer rain that comes in the winter, and then the cold comes on it," says Kenneth Pittja.

Constantly worrying about tomorrow and the unpredictable weather, is everyday life for Pittja. He thinks that young people's commitment and work for the climate is admirable and important - but despite this, he is doubtful whether humans will find solutions.

"If we're really willing to make the changes that are needed, it doesn't really feel that way," Pittja says.