Activists and human rights organizations have launched a cross-platform campaign to support the British organization "Muslim Hikers" after it was subjected to racism as a result of placing qibla directions in picnic places to help Muslims pray.

The organization recently launched a campaign with Adidas and Weigle Sport, aimed at facilitating prayer in picnic and walking areas, where there are no mosques or places for prayer.

This is what happens when @adidas & @wiggle_sport show faith in our community πŸ’šπŸ™πŸ»πŸ€²

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Wishing you all a blessed Ramadan πŸ™

β€” Muslim Hikers (@Muslim_Hikers) March 20, 2023

The campaign provides signs along the way indicating the qibla, with a prayer mat suitable for that atmosphere, and this has been widely shared across the platforms.

Wishing you all a very blessed #Ramadan πŸ™Œ #RamadanMubarak! πŸ’š We've teamed up with @CharityRightUK to help bring nutritious school meals to impoverished children around the world. Join our Ramadan Challenge & get involved in supporting our amazing cause:

β€” Muslim Hikers (@Muslim_Hikers) March 22, 2023

The campaign faced many racist comments criticizing the organization and its supporters, and those comments spread to many of its organizers.

In a video posted on Twitter, the organization's founder, Haroun Mota, reviewed some of the comments they had made after the campaign was announced, calling it "disgusting."

Highlighting another episode of disgusting racist abuse we've received since @Muslim_Hikers announced it's latest campaign with @adidas & @Wiggle_Sport. Together we will continue to stamp out this cancer πŸ™ŒπŸ’š #OutdoorsForAll

β€” Haroon Mota (@Haroon_Mota) March 21, 2023

"This is just some of what we have received, and it is not the first time we have been exposed to this, which is unacceptable, and we will stand together to spread tolerance and eradicate this cancer," Haroun commented, thanking the comments and supporting campaigns that came out in response to racism.

Many organizations have expressed support for Muslim Hikers and rejected the hateful comments.

Nation Trails stands with @Muslim_Hikers and join with others condemning the racism and Islamophobia they continue to endure. It is unacceptable in any context. The outdoors are for everyone, everyday. πŸ’š

β€” NationalTrails.UK (@NatTrailsUK) March 24, 2023

YHA stands with @Muslim_Hikers and condemns the racism directed at them. Inclusion isn’t enough. We need to challenge hate. YHA is open for all.πŸ’š

β€” YHA England & Wales (@YHAOfficial) March 23, 2023

The National Trust expressed support in a tweet, saying: "Racism and Islamophobia have no place in our society, and the outdoors are for everyone."

Racism and islamophobia have no place in our society. The outdoors is for everyone.

We are proud to support the @Muslim_Hikers as they work to break down the barriers people can face when accessing the outdoors. #OutdoorsForAll (1/2)

Photo: Paul Harris

β€” National Trust (@nationaltrust) March 24, 2023

Activist James Poulter tweeted: "In solidarity with Muslim Hikers, it's sad that we are in 2023 and this kind of racist assault continues."

Solidarity with Haroon and the Muslim hikers. Sad that in 2023 this sort of racist abuse still continues.

β€” James Boulter β“‹ (@bpackingbongos) March 22, 2023

Writer Paul Beasley denounced the comments, tweeting: "I can't understand this kind of hate, they just want to enjoy walks outdoors, and they've done a great job of making hiking accessible to everyone."

I cannot understand this kind of hate towards people. They're just wanting to enjoy walking and the outdoors, and have done a great job of inclusively widening the outdoor community. All for the better and the good. The country needs to educate where this racist abuse comes from.

β€” Paul Besley (@paulbesleywrite) March 21, 2023

Muslim activist Amir Malik also commented that it was sad that this was not surprising, but an extension of the many abuses Muslims face when they are in the spotlight.

So sad to see yet it doesn’t surprise me... it’s been happening for a long time and this is just a snippet of abuse any Muslim in the spotlight has to deal with.

Keep doing your great work @Haroon_Mota and the @Muslim_Hikers we will support you all the way.

β€” Amir Malik (@AmirWMalik) March 21, 2023

The Muslim Hikers organization was established in 2020 to encourage Muslims to go out and practice walking, and a large number of Muslims participate with it in its various activities. The organisation is also involved in several charity events in Britain, including a marathon on April 17 to raise funds for school meals.