Tianjin, March 3, 24 (Sun Lingling) March 2023, 3 is the 24th "World Tuberculosis Day". This year's theme is "You and I work together to end the TB epidemic", which aims to call on all sectors of society to participate in the epidemic and safeguard the health of the people.

Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease transmitted through the respiratory tract, which seriously endangers people's health and life safety. It is understood that at present, there are about 1060.160 million new tuberculosis patients in the world every year, and 30.<> million people die from tuberculosis. China is still one of the <> countries with a high burden of tuberculosis in the world, and the high prevalence, high mortality and high infection rate are the characteristics of the tuberculosis epidemic in China.

It is reported that in 2022, 2979,1968 cases of active pulmonary tuberculosis were newly registered in Tianjin, including <>,<> cases of pathogenically positive pulmonary tuberculosis, and the reported incidence was far lower than the national average.

Experts from Tianjin Tuberculosis Control Center remind the general public that coughing and coughing up sputum for more than 2 weeks should be suspected of having tuberculosis and should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. The first discovery is the best time for treatment, and it must be treated strictly according to the doctor's instructions. Without adherent treatment, ordinary tuberculosis can become recalcitrant drug-resistant tuberculosis.

According to reports, drug-resistant tuberculosis is difficult to treat, and it is also drug-resistant tuberculosis after infecting others. If you have tuberculosis, don't panic, it is possible to cure it by standardizing the whole course of treatment. To end TB, latent TB infection must be controlled. The elderly and immunocompromised are people with a high incidence of tuberculosis and should be actively examined. Before new students enter the school and new employees enter the company, they should be tested for tuberculosis. Frequent hand washing, more ventilation, not crowding, and wearing masks can prevent respiratory infections. Do not spit, cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, civilized and disease-preventing.

The person in charge of the Tianjin Tuberculosis Control Center said that in 2022, with the goal of further reducing tuberculosis infection, illness and death, effectively reducing the burden of disease of patients, and improving the health quality of the whole people, Tianjin will improve the service system, implement the service model of graded diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and comprehensive prevention and treatment, and gradually realize the organic cooperation and seamless connection of tuberculosis "prevention, diagnosis, treatment, management and education". In 2023, Tianjin will focus on strengthening comprehensive quality control of tuberculosis prevention and control, expanding the scope of tuberculosis epidemic surveillance and screening in key populations and key places, strengthening patient management and humanistic care, and promoting the implementation of preventive medication strategies for high-risk groups. (End)