China News Network, March 3 -- "China is not our enemy!" "If you don't like China's plan, where is your (Russian-Ukrainian) peace plan?" "Be a diplomat, not a warmonger!"

This is the scene that happened at the budget hearing of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the 22nd. At that time, activists from the American anti-war organization Code Pink attended the hearing and interrupted US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to issue the above protests and appeals.

Code Pink activists hold signs in protest against Blinken. Image source: "Code Pink" official website

According to a statement by Code Pink, an American anti-war group, they interrupted Blinken as a reminder that "the United States should begin real diplomatic practice before discussing the budget." ”

At the hearing, Code Pink activists stood up one after another with signs pointing out Blinken's "failures" as a diplomat, the statement said.

Activist Medea Benjamin said, "We need peace negotiations to end the crisis in Ukraine." Now there is an impasse, and too many people are dying. Blinken, you should be our top diplomat. Start negotiating! ”

Data map: On February 2, local time, at the first hearing of the "U.S.-China Special Committee on Strategic Competition" of the US House of Representatives, a protester put up a sign with the slogan "China is not our enemy".

Ann Wright, a former State Department official, called for "China is not our enemy!" China is an economic competitor to the United States, but not a national security threat to the United States. Be a diplomat, not a warmonger. ”

Just as the activists stood up to speak out, the police rushed in, took them out of the room and immediately arrested them.

Video from the scene shows one of the activists shouting as he was taken away, "If you don't like the Chinese solution, where is your (Russian-Ukrainian) peace plan?" The Americans want you to negotiate, be a diplomat, do your job, now! ”

Recently, Code Pink activists have repeatedly protested against the US involvement in the war and "regime change in other countries." During Senator Josh Hawley's speech, members of the group also held up signs in protest, saying that "China is not our enemy."