In the clip, you hear what Gällivare residents of different ages have for hopes for Dundret now that a real thunder investment is promised.

Difference between then and now

Dundret has a sad history with bankruptcies and sales over the years, to say the least. In 2019, the municipality of Gällivare bought Dundret's lift system, ski slopes and the land around the facility from a bankrupt estate, and now municipal councillor Henrik Ölvebo (MP) believes in a brighter future.

"The difference now is that there will be more investors and owners of hotels, cottages, restaurants and lift systems. In the past, everything has been owned by one actor," he says.

Climate change

Henrik Ölvebo also notes that climate change can affect Dundret's future when large parts of Europe have a shortage of snow.

-Unfortunately, climate change can also be to our advantage in Gällivare where we get snow early and it remains for a long time. Just look at what it looks like in Europe.