China News Network, March 3 According to foreign media reports, British Foreign Secretary of State Cleverley and European Commission Vice President Ševe Čović will officially sign a new agreement on Northern Ireland trade arrangements on the 24th local time.

According to Agence France-Presse, on the 24th, the UK-EU Joint Committee on the Brexit Agreement will meet in London. During the banquet, British representative Cleverley and EU representative Ševe Čović will formally sign the "Windsor Framework" agreement on Northern Ireland's trade rules.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Cleverley said: "By formally signing the Windsor Framework, we are delivering on our commitment to bring more stability and certainty to Northern Ireland. ”

He added that the Windsor Framework was the best deal for Northern Ireland to preserve its position in the EU.

On February 2, British Prime Minister Sunak and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen negotiated trade rules in Northern Ireland after Brexit and announced a new agreement "Windsor Framework".

But since then, there has been disagreement within Sunak's Conservative Party over the framework. The focus of the disagreement is the "Stopmont brake" mechanism in the Windsor Framework, which gives the Northern Ireland parliament the power to refuse new EU laws to come into force in the region.

Despite the opposition of parliamentarians represented by former British Prime Minister Johnson and Truss, the British House of Commons adopted the mechanism on March 3 by a vote of 22 in favor and 515 against.

The New York Times commented that the passage of the mechanism means that the most difficult historical legacy after Brexit can be resolved.

The UK government has said that once the Windsor Framework agreement is signed, the UK will begin the process of implementing the framework.

The Northern Ireland trade issue has been one of the most contentious Brexit issues. Previously, the UK was very dissatisfied with the "Northern Ireland Protocol" reached in the "Brexit" negotiations, and the relationship between the UK and the EU continued to decline. The "Windsor Framework" will replace the previous "Northern Ireland Protocol", and the main content includes that the goods entering Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom will be divided into red and green lanes and the "Stormont brake mechanism".