The police have a picture of which criminal groups are driving the serious violence in Örebro and are cooperating with other authorities to increase the pressure on all people who are part of the groups.

"Among other things, we look at their assets," says Erwin Halilovic.

Big meeting starting shot for GVI

Making it difficult for the criminal groups is part of the GVI strategy, better known as stop shooting. The operational work began in October last year with a big meeting where about a dozen criminals got the message: we don't want you to die or kill anyone.

Outreach work

After the big meeting, the police, together with counselors from social services, have sought out another 30 or so people in the criminal environment to deliver the same message.

"When they understand the purpose, there have been no oddities in being able to come in and talk to them in their homes or other environments," he says.

In the clip, you'll hear more about how the police and other authorities are now putting pressure on the criminals.