During the pandemic, the health centers in Västmanland have had to share at least SEK 99 million in state compensation for vaccination. This has led to huge profits, which have not always remained in the health centres, our review shows.

When we looked at surveys on accessibility, the numbers showed something that health center owners say is not true. But Region Västmanland makes its own measurements and the regional council says it has control over how the health centers are doing.

" On the whole, I would say good, but it is clear that there are always things to develop, we see that something deviates for us in dialogue with the business, says regional councillor Lina Eriksson (L).

Good role model

During the pandemic, the region's own health centers, which are normally loss-laden, have also run a surplus. Lina Eriksson says that it has to do with the extra compensation for vaccinations, that they have wanted to hire but could not and also a reduced search pressure. But also that the region's own have been run in intraprenad form for a few years.

Things are going better when the health centres are run under more business-like forms?

–Yes, now they themselves are responsible for both revenue and earnings in a different way than before and I think it is a good way to run a business.

In the clip, the regional council answers whether it intends to demand money back from health centers that have earned millions through the corona vaccination.