Louise Sallé 07:10, March 24, 2023

High school and university students broke records of mobilization this Thursday, March 23 against the pension reform. Rid of the exams of specialties of the baccalaureate, or revolted against the use of 49.3, they marched in numbers in the processions alongside the unions, enough to solidify the protest movement.

The extent of this challenge is obviously difficult to quantify. Because as with the general population, unions and government have very different figures. Nevertheless, all the data confirm that the mobilization of young people has never been as massive as this Thursday, March 23 since the beginning of the movement against the pension reform. Thus, according to the student union Unef, they were 500,000 to beat the pavement throughout the France, including 150,000 in Paris. According to the Ministry of the Interior, on the other hand, they were only 16,000... A number still higher than previous mobilizations.

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More than a hundred high schools disrupted

According to the Ministry of Education, more than a hundred high schools have experienced incidents: blockades, gatherings, garbage fires or even power cuts. And universities that had never taken part in the protest until now were blocked, such as the Assas Faculty of Law in Paris, or the Insa engineering school in Toulouse. The student union L'Alternative has identified a total of 80 higher education institutions mobilized this Thursday, March 23.