The Budget Committee of the House of Councillors held intensive deliberations on the 24th, and discussions were exchanged over support for Ukraine and the management of public records.

About the Deaflympics

Hiroaki Shiota of the New Komeito Party questioned his determination to make the Deaflympics a success, saying, "The Deaflympics, an international sports competition for the hearing impaired, will be held for the first time in Japan in two years, and I think it will be a tournament where the people of Japan can share courage and hope."

Prime Minister Kishida stated, "Taking the opportunity of holding the Games, I would like to promote initiatives to realize an inclusive society, such as understanding of sports played by people with hearing impairments and improving the environment."

About Archives Management

Otokita, chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee of the Japan Restoration Association, said, "In order to prevent suspicions such as falsification and leakage, it may be necessary to revise the law to make it paperless in principle and to utilize advanced information processing technology."

Prime Minister Kishida stated, "I do not believe that revision of the law is immediately necessary, but we must constantly review the system in line with the times."

Stable Supply of Pharmaceuticals

Asami Tamura of the People's Democratic Party asked about the stable supply of medicines, saying, "When the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is increasing, there is no antipyretic painkiller.

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Kato explained, "From the perspective of promptly responding to supply concerns, we have just put in place a system to promptly provide supply information on each drug to the medical field since April."

About assistance to Ukraine

Secretary-General Inoue of the House of Councillors of the Communist Party asked, "We have announced that we will contribute 3000 million dollars, or about 40 billion yen, to the NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization fund, but how will we guarantee that we will limit ourselves to non-lethal equipment?"

Prime Minister Kishida stated, "The use of the NATO trust fund can be designated by the donor country, and after specifying the purpose of use for the provision of non-lethal equipment, we will adjust the details in the future."

About "Taiwan Emergency"

Yamamoto, president of the Reiwa Shinsengumi, commented on the Taiwan emergency, saying, "Tensions will only increase, and the economic impact will cause people to die and destroy people's lives and the economy.

Prime Minister Kishida stated, "Our consistent position is that we expect a peaceful resolution through dialogue, and I will refrain from commenting on whether estimates have been made or the contents of the government's information collection and analysis."