Simin Videhult says that they vaccinated upwards of 80,000 people and that all of the staff fought hard to help as many people as possible and not waste a single dose of vaccine.

"Once we had a dose left over in the evening and we really didn't want to throw it away, then my nice colleague went and picked up an elderly lady who we knew had been waiting a long time, she was so happy.

They found premises and were able to organize so that a vaccination according to them took 30 seconds instead of ten minutes.

Transferred the money

The annual reports state that sales increased from SEK 37 million to SEK 57 million between 2020 and 2021 and that the profit was closer to SEK 21 million. All but 700,000 were transferred to another company, which for some years has served as the parent company of the health center.

What are you going to do with the money you put over in the other company?

– They will go to various healthcare projects, to help more patients in Västmanland.


In surveys on how health centers fulfilled the care guarantee in 2021, Service Health was worse at answering the phone than average and even worse at fixing a medical assessment within three days.

- That's not true, we happened to misreport return visits as new visits and so did many others, which affected the accessibility statistics, but it's solved now.

In the clip, Simin tells us what they have done, are doing and plan to do with the profit.