Chloé Lagadou 07:34, March 24, 2023

Every day, Europe 1 looks at an idea or a problem in your daily life. This Friday, we went to meet these French people who have swapped sandwiches from bakeries for the fast food departments of supermarkets. The reason? Inflation that reaches almost +15% in one year on food, which forces them to adjust their spending for lunch break.

"Today, it's going to be a sandwich for 4.20 euros and it's already not too bad." Sophia has in her arms her meal bought at the supermarket, the only solution for her to eat cheaply at lunchtime. Because the lunch break does not escape inflation. "Usually, I used to take either a starter, main course and dessert menu at the restaurant or the formulas in bakeries, but today I prefer to just have a sandwich," she explains. "It's more economical for me."

"Sacrificing" pleasure

On the shelves: triangle sandwiches, wraps and salads. Valentin is looking for the best value for money. But not easy to find, even in a supermarket. "I try to have a budget of 5 euros, but it's always much more. It's always 7 euros, even for a sandwich and yogurt in the supermarket. It's very expensive to find something interesting."

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The lunch break is no longer a key moment in the working day. "We lose quality," says Sophia. "We sacrifice a little pleasure, we have to eat so we eat," says Valentin. And at the checkout, you can feel it. Customers shun chocolates and other confectionery that could blow their budget.