The major investment is intended to lift not only the facility but the entire community and connect Repisvaara with Dundret.

Will Dundret become Norrbotten's Levi or Åre?

- The answer is yes, that's a good summary. We have opportunities for good skiing and good infrastructure treatment for those who are going to get here, Tobias Larsson marketing and development manager at Dundret.

Do as in the southern mountains

The first step is now to plan the land in detail and then sell it to external investors. The vision is that the 5,000 beds are distributed over a hotel with spa and a number of residential buildings that together form a classic mountain village with dense buildings, shops, restaurants, and a square that gathers the area. The investment plan is SEK 2-3 billion.

" The concept is that the developer builds and sells cabins and apartments and they can in turn rent out via Dundret mountain facility when they themselves do not use the accommodation. That's how many facilities in the southern mountains work," says Tobias Larsson.

In the clip, the development manager at Dundret tells us more about the plans.