The Ukrainian human rights group "Save Ukraine" announced on SNS on the 22nd that it had rescued 17 children and released a video of themselves reuniting with their families in the capital Kyiv over the issue of many children being taken away from Ukraine to Russia.

In this matter, the ICC = International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for President Putin and two others on the 17th of this month for suspected war crimes under international law for transferring children from the territories occupied by Russia that continues to invade Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian government's tally, more than 2,1 people have been abducted to Russia in the past year, and the human rights group "Save Ukraine" told NHK that it had rescued 1 people on the 6000st, and that "we will continue to do our utmost to bring home even one child who needs help." I was talking.

Children "abducted" by Russia The reality and Russia's aims

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ICC to establish a local office in Ukraine

On the other hand, the ICC announced on the 23rd that it had signed a cooperation agreement with the Ukrainian government for the establishment of a local office.

Prosecutor General Kostin, who signed the agreement on behalf of the Ukrainian government, said, "We will never stand until all perpetrators of international crimes committed in Ukraine are brought to justice," and emphasized Russia's commitment to working with the ICC to ensure that Russia is fully held accountable.