"The Military Threat Reduction Agency, acting through its Biological Threat Reduction Program (BSAP), is looking for suitable maintenance and training contractors to carry out activities in the field of biological safety and protection together with partners in the PSBU in the Eurasian zone of responsibility," the document says.

In particular, we are talking about Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the program is to "protect the United States, its armed forces and allies from biological threats by enhancing the capacity of partner nations and the international community to prevent, detect, and prepare for outbreaks caused by pathogens."

At the same time, one of the examples of interaction within the framework of the PSBU is the construction, renovation and equipping of laboratories.

The American agency explained that during the program, repairs and maintenance can be carried out, equipment can be replaced, consumables can be purchased, and trainings on biosafety can be organized.

According to political scientist Ruslan Balbek, the modernization of biological laboratories with the assistance of the United States is unlikely to have peaceful goals.

"I do not believe that the Americans will repair laboratories to conduct developments for the benefit of mankind. It can be guaranteed that this will be scientific research for military or sabotage purposes. They don't need peace. The U.S. earns more from war than from all its achievements combined. For the American system of power, there are no principles or restrictions, this is the threat to all of humanity, "the interlocutor told RT.

In January, the Russian Ministry of Defense told how it was possible to stop the implementation of US military-biological programs in Ukraine. The department also noted that the Pentagon decided to transfer unfinished research to the states of Central Asia and Eastern Europe.